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Domestic titanium dioxide environmental protection policies or tightening to accelerate industrial upgrading

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Prices continued to slump, long-term overcapacity, business operations difficult, which is the current domestic titanium dioxide industry's true portrayal. The recent pollution events more continuous exposure, making the industry of titanium dioxide environmental policy tightening is expected to become more intense.

Analysts said that the domestic titanium dioxide enterprises are facing the dual pressures of market and environment, the survival is not easy. Titanium dioxide industry to carry out environmental protection technology reform, industrial upgrading is imminent.

Recently, a Panzhihua vanadium and titanium (000629) subordinate subsidiary of Chongqing Titanium Industry Sewage exceeded the news caused strong repercussions in the community, relevant departments for the first time the verification, and the listed company also announced the temporary suspension of. Since then, the Panzhihua municipal government departments for the production of titanium dioxide production enterprises to carry out environmental protection, some of the local enterprises have been discontinued.

Not long ago, Nanjing titanium white (backdoor listing was renamed "Gimpo titanium industry (000545)") in the backdoor listing two weeks ago, because "wastewater discharge exceeded the Nanjing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau was informed of. This series of events of titanium dioxide industry makes the industry is expected to become more strongly on the titanium dioxide environmental policy tightening.

It is understood, titanium dioxide production process with sulphuric acid and chloride two. Our country is a superpower in the production of titanium dioxide, but by restricting the level of technology, production capacity of more than 98% of the is the United States in the 1990s was abandoned with the sulfuric acid process. The use of sulfuric acid production of titanium dioxide, per tonne of titanium dioxide to consume fresh water 100-150 tons, the comprehensive energy consumption of about 1.6 tons of standard coal, also produce about 20% concentration of waste sulfuric acid 8 tons, 100 tons of acidic wastewater, 8 tons of waste residue and waste gas of sulfur dioxide, acid mist and dust 2.5 million cubic meters. To bore calculation, the domestic titanium dioxide industry per million yuan output value of industrial wastewater emissions, emissions, sulfur dioxide emissions, respectively is chemical industry average of 3.85, 1.03, 2.13 times, is all industries of the corresponding index 3-8 times. The chlorination process titanium dioxide energy consumption is much smaller, and on some indexes of products even better in the sulfuric acid production of titanium dioxide.

Currently, China has more than 60 titanium dioxide production enterprises, but only Jinzhou titanium industry for few 2-3 enterprises with chlorination production line. Therefore, it is very important to transform the existing production process and reduce the pollutant discharge.

In addition, in our country more than 60 titanium dioxide production enterprises, small and medium enterprises accounted for the majority, while in the discharge of pollutants, these small and medium enterprises are absolutely the main. Has experts said, in Guangxi, Sichuan and other major producing areas of titanium dioxide, some small titanium dioxide enterprises in the presence of environmental protection is not up to the problem, and some even in the night.

Although compared with small and medium enterprises, large enterprises in environmental protection performance is relatively good, but the problem of large enterprises in the titanium dioxide emissions over the standard is also common. For example, 2012 Nanjing titanium dioxide has twice because of environmental issues was fined, 2013 backdoor prior to listing has been informed of the environmental protection department. Titanium dioxide industry environmental protection technology is imminent.

Technical difficulties cost high into a problem

In order to reduce the influence of titanium dioxide industry on the environment of our country, in 2012, the national development and Reform Commission issued the vanadium and titanium resources comprehensive utilization and industrial development "1025" planning "clearly pointed out that to under the strict control of new capacity premise, upgrading existing sulfuric acid process of titanium dioxide production line, titanium recovery rate of not less than 83%; to encourage new construction, renovation and expansion of the chlorination process titanium dioxide project. However, this policy implementation of a year, the effect is not ideal.

Cause the vanadium and titanium resources comprehensive utilization and industrial development "1025" planning "the implementation effect is not ideal because there are two: chlorination process core technology monopoly such as DuPont several foreign companies, domestic enterprises it is difficult to introduce, and domestic enterprises to independent research and development level and lower; the second is transformation of the existing sulfuric acid production process, strengthen pollution prevention measures to higher cost.

Traditional sulfuric acid production of titanium dioxide pollutant treatment cost up to 1900 yuan per ton of product, and chlorination although pollution is small, but the cost of governance has reached 800 yuan per ton of product. Because the currently domestic titanium dioxide industry downturn, prices fell sharply, difficult to run an enterprise generally unable to bear the cost of pollution control. For many small and medium enterprises, it is more difficult to pay a one-time high investment in environmental protection equipment. "In this context, the high cost of environmental protection has become the main reason for some titanium dioxide enterprises rush into danger."

The titanium dioxide industry has chosen two big main direction to strengthen the prevention and control of pollutants, one is strengthen industry dominated by sulfuric acid process to wastewater recycling, breakthroughs in key technologies and promote the environmental advantages of chlorination process. At present, however, a substantial expansion of the chlorination production time is not yet mature, because the technology is very complex, often need according to the use of different coatings, plastics, paper and other products in the market after the treatment, which for production equipment, material requirements is very high, core technology, interface technology is difficult to grasp and huge investments.

Sichuan Vanadium Titanium Industrial Technology Research Institute experts Zeng Zhiyong also said that despite the chlorination process titanium dioxide production process is today's trends, but by the ore characteristics of raw materials and technological conditions, the domestic titanium dioxide industry in quite a long period of time will still production by sulfuric acid method.

Pollution incident forced industrial upgrading

Although the titanium dioxide industry in terms of technological upgrading is also facing a variety of problems, but the pressure from the social and policy level is clearly not left to the titanium dioxide industry too much delay time.

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